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WORK MEISTER S1 3PC - A Disk or O Disk for REAR????

17 April 2007
i will be running a 19x10 in the rear. I would like to stay away from spacers if possible but get most out of the lip.

I was told that O Disk will NOT clear OEM 92 Rear Calipers (will require a 3-5mm spacer) Can i get some confirmation on this?

And will A-Disk clear REAR 92 Calipers alone? Can i get some confirmation on this?

Thanks guys!

A disk should be ok but you need to have someone that actually has the same nsx year AND runnign the wheels that you want to confirm.

an A disk should max out at 3.5 inch lip via 19x10 +26 which is pretty much maxxing out NSX offset application. i cant see you wanting more lip then that unless u are going the wide body/hellamega flush route.

As I've already stated, you'll need to contact a Work Distributor to get the wheel templates and then confirm yourself!!!:rolleyes:
unfortunately, Work themselves wont provide me with a certain answer. So the purpose of this thread is to hopefully find someone or someone who knows someone that is running these same wheels and can tell me what kind of Disk Type they are using.

thank you

Rear is Work Meister 3 Piece 19x10.5 +41 in A Disk