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Wp pro brakes for sale??

30 August 2012
Summerville sc
Hello. I need some help locating who sells pads and rotors for wp pro. I've searched on line and the forum and haven't had any luck. Thanks in advance.
[FONT=&quot]WP Pro Brakes Philippines on facebook send them a message they reponded and have them for the same price vivid sold them for but just need to get them shipped[/FONT]
Sorry guys been crazy busy. Thanks for the link I'll be order from them. I appreciate all the help in finding these. The brakes have been great and love the feel and looks. The only negative is the ebrake is pretty useless. Again sorry for the long delay in responding.
what the hell are you talking about? I just order a pair for my nsx two moths ago ditrctly from them for my NSX amd my wifes mercedes.they do not deal with vivid anymore. call the ladies up tell them what pads u need pay and the ship them. Im about to order 6 pair of pads right now but will charge 15x my cost. up to u.
where is brembo made? where are most your top brsnd brakes made? the fucking south china sea like ur nikes and all the shit u think is made in the good old usa. Im majored in economics and travaled the world. christ ur iphone is made in fucking china. sorry to be rude but seriously some people have no fucking clue