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WSTO returns as Victory Road!!

19 April 2012

IND Distribution has always offered a diverse array of services for the benefit of our clients, not only as a distributor of exotic and hard to find components on the wholesale level, but also as consultants on a retail level. Our clients have learned to rely on IND to advise and support every aspect of their car hobby, and IND has always risen to the challenge. Despite IND’s unrivaled access to some of the most rare and unique goods available, we knew of one area of our business that was still lacking- IND needed a wheel division. With this knowledge in mind, IND moved to acquire WSTO and created our new venture, Victory Road.

Victory Road is the next step in the evolution of a mission that began years ago with one of the best sources for wheel brands in the US, WSTO. WSTO was created to supply performance car enthusiasts all over the United States and Canada with expert wheel advice and hundreds of choices since 2008. From the company’s inception WSTO has seen immense growth, but the WSTO staff still felt that something was missing. It was time to move their desire to be the best to the next level.

Victory Road was created from the desire to make a statement. Too many wheel manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers are willing to accept second-rate engineering, manufacturing, and materials as “good enough”. After years of experience in the performance wheel business, the need for a true premium wheel supplier became clear. Victory Road is partnered with only the best brands in the industry to provide our clients access to the most exclusive and best made wheels in the world. VR’s expert staff has extensive databases on wheel weights, wheel fitments and tire combinations to help our clients select the best possible combination for their car.

VR is now building a strong team on an already stellar foundation with the full support of the IND Group. IND has cooperated with WSTO to create the new Victory Road vision, and we are all excited for the work to come.

Johan Lee, one of the key players of WSTO has been in the performance car business for over a decade, and has amazing creative and design talent. With an education in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design, Johan has a unique eye for aesthetics that has allowed him to not only create some of the most attractive cars in the BMW business, but also some of the best photos seen by people in our industry in years.

Ryan Overby has been an active member of the Chicago chapter of the Audi Club of North America for 4 years, and extensive track experience with his Audi A4. Ryan has spent hundreds of track weekends at Gingerman, Road America, Autobahn, Blackhawk Farms, and other Midwest race courses. Ryan’s love for Motorsports and experience with modified sports cars of all types gives him invaluable experience at Victory Road.


Victory Road’s all new sales and support staff maintains the closest possible relationships with the world’s best manufacturers, and has the full backing and knowledge base of the IND Group. VR will stop at nothing to offer our clients access to the best and brightest of the wheel business. We are proud to add Victory Road to the IND Group.

Although VR will introduce more wheel brands in the future, we are focusing on five premier manufacturers to ensure we maintain focus:





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