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Wtb engine motor mounts even if rubber is damaged, rear passenger fender inner mounting bracket and aluminum rear bumper brace bar

27 August 2019
Bay Area, CA
Looking for motor mounts damaged rubber
Rear aluminum bumper brace
Passenger rear fender bracket that bolts on to the frame
Front bumper upper brace that goes on top of the bumper that’s holds the weather seal in place
Front driver side fender
Front bumper inner plastic mounting point
I hate to point it out but must of us visitors to Prime have a set. Normally they are attached to various parts of car and in use.
If you are cluttering your garage, I might take them out of your way.
Apologies Paul,
I was really only pointing out the lack of info in the statement, 'I have a set'. Not trying to jump the queue by any means.
I'd probably experiment with urethane.