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WTB: HKS IR Meter Interface Unit Part #: 44008-AK011

4 March 2008
Edmonton, Canada
I'm looking to buy an HKS Meter Interface unit with HKS part number 44008-AK011. Google brings up a bunch of results and I've contacted and "purchased" about 5 of these things so far and every single company comes back with an "Oops, sorry, it's not actually in stock". Nengun, Exotic speed, importpartspro, tunertools, evasive motorsports, etc...they all claim to have it but don't.

The part is also used for the DB Chrono gauges. It's known as the I/R (IR) interface meter, or HKS hub for the gauges. I'm willing to buy a used one. I'm even willing to buy a complete set of DB gauges if it means I'd get this IR interface. I need it since I want to expand my HKS CAMP2 system. All the sensors are readily available but not the 44008-AK011 interface unit that I need to run them.

If you have one; if you know of any used ones; or can Google better than I can please let me know what you have and if you have any leads.


apawilan at ualberta.ca (no spaces and proper @).

Call/text: 780-7o9-5tw0f0ur$even





[MENTION=20915]RYU[/MENTION] , that would be great if you can ask around a few people you know. Thanks man! This thing is proving to be very difficult to find. My plan is to add an oil temperature sensor into my pan while I have the engine out but only if I can find the IF unit.
Have you tried contacting HKS USA? I almost bought an AFK from them until I found one from a friend.

Just messaged them now as well as RHDJapan.com. Although if Nengun couldn't get one then RHD may not be able to either.

Do you know of any CAMP2 replacement where it runs on the OBD2 and has VGA/RCA output (Not through a phone)? I'm not seeing anything although maybe that OB-Link thing could be adapted. In my case the CAMP2 is super useful since it displays the speed in km/h.
I contacted everyone that was suggested and it lead to dead ends everywhere. I finally found one by fluke in France and it was a new unit too!


[MENTION=20915]RYU[/MENTION] , do you have a picture of where you welded in your oil pan bung? I was thinking beside the oil drain plug towards the passenger side of the car.
congrats on the find. my oil press and oil temp is currently on the oil cooler pre/post hoses respectively. I plan to relocate the oil temp to the oil pan. The bung is welded above the oil drain plug but below the internal baffle. In general you want sensor immersed in oil at all times but I also didn't want it too low that some road debris could take it out. You'll have to make a call.