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That looks pretty clean for 150k miles. Curious how much more it brings. It’s got some accident history but looks like it was repaired decent.

Some of the brown interior parts look like they were just painted over tho.
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thinking of selling my GPW 1992 with 37,000 mile all major tunup work done some updates will list when it gets closer to selling time to many to list now, this car is nearly perfect many updates performed, but nearly stock except for a few upgrades. price will be FIRM and no lookers just honest buyer ! i'll take NO less than $110,000. the car is stored at airport in southern Florida.
I have the title in my hand, car Never been scratched or wrecked I'm the second owner, I don't want to sell but because of my back injury I can't enjoy or use the car as it should be. Always kept under comforters and OEM cover in a hanger never wet since I bought it That's why I'm not gonna dick around with haggling over a price. Brian K did the speakers and CCU when I first bought it. SoS window fixit thingies installed I installed a Koyo aluminum radiator and an aluminum radiator panel and I have the OEM hood in the box if the new owner wants to switch it back.
It has a VIS Type R hood on it right now, the perfect GPW original hood is wrapped in bubble wrap to install. I have the OEM exhaust to install if the new owner wants to remove the Comptech headers, I had the the CompTech headers drop shipped to JET HOT when I bought them new from SoS and had them ceramic coated inside and out , it dropped the engine compartment temp 75 deg after installation, I also have two factory Acura sheep skin seat covers for it, and the original OEM phone just for the hell of it but no antenna for it.
I have the OEM original wheels in storage. and both sizes of spare tires and spare tire bracket in storage. I have an OEM new style NSX trickle charger it's always connected also for battery life, it has a new battery in it. over time both engine hatch shocks and trunk shocks I replaced with OEM new shocks. I have all the receipts and maintenance performed by the only person I trusted to do it all! Chris McCool who deserves all the credit for the major maintenance up keep up in Indy, car removed from engine for timing belt and both drive shafts rebuilt and all brake calipers rebuilt and painted. New dynamic balancer and coolant tank at the same time. 1.5 yrs, ago all new tires. and alignment as well with new specs so best tire wear as possible. Radio replaced with OEM radio. 2yrs ago. comes with OEM cover and nose bra. New Type-R red intake and cam covers installed, Type-R black sun visors inside installed last year. I also have 4 four original tall new, still in plastic wrap oil filters for it. It has a new OEM Acura Main relay still in the package in the glove box just in case. All new coolant hoses installed as well.
The complete ABS brake system has been upgraded to 2002 and newer with OEM parts from Mita. If your intention is to do something stupid like a turbo or supercharger this car probably won't be for sale. the engine also has new SoS camseal caps installed.
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Thank you for all the info! I believe yor take really good care for the NSX rhat you have it ! I really want to buy it and the price $110000 is ok too! You want me to fly over to take it look it the car or how you want to do the transaction? Here is my cell phone number 949-829-7566 Aaron please feel free to contact with me !
also I not the flipper I just like to collect them and so far I have 3 total now 1 is 1993 black with 36000 mi 2 is 2000 grey with 106000 mi and this one going to upgrade to single turbo soon with HQ engineering and the 3rd one is 2005 red with 55000 mi and already have supercharger , if I can get your white one I will make sure is going to look like type R and keep it NA. Anyway let me know how you want to do! I m ready for it !
See attached photos for reference.


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Funny how the colors that were least chosen when new, then become the color everyone wants. I've had 7 NSXs since 2000 and came across a few white NSXs and never had any interest in them what's so ever. Heck I remember my local dealer begging me to buy the 2002 Imola that they couldn't sell for two years!!! Went and saw it at least 5 times and couldn't get over driving an orange car.

Every time I saw a sportscar in White, I thought to miyself, what a boring color, who would choose that. Guess what now, I have a yellow and a Monaco Blue one. Two colors I never thought I'd own. And would love to have a GPW next to them.

Crazy how things change.