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"you tube beating girls" to be charged as adults

Holy crap, I saw the "raw video" of the girl getting beat and those girls getting charged deserve to get the full sentence. It is absolutely sickening and I surely hope they get what they deserve....:mad:
Bunch of inbred retards that wanted to show off how bad-ass they were. They wanted bad-ass, they'll get it, while they're in jail.
The video was only 3 minutes long but it looks like it went on before and after they recorded...
Yeah. Not only that, they knocked her unconscious and after she came to, they beat her some more. The youtube of her beating is after she regained consciousness.

Heard that in a msnbc video report of the incident and still can't fathom that they recorded this after the victim was knocked out and came to.

I'm quite ok if each attacker goes to prison for a very long time. Quite ok.
So sad for everyone concerned.:frown:
throw the book at them, this could as easily ended up much worse. dunno what the argument was about but most likely with teens it was something inconsequential.

May as well beat them down with the book as well. Two birds, one stone. :biggrin:
They all have their court appearences today, so i guess they won't be making cheerleading practice this afternoon.:rolleyes:
I wonder what kind of parenting they got. Horrible kids........

Both were either very authoritarian or permissive parenting styles. Its hard to tell which one it is, so who really knows. Could be one kid or two kids that are trying to be rebellious because of authoritarian parents, and the others might just be tagging along, trying to fit in.

Doesn't really matter though. Not only did they assault that girl, they tortured her.
Both were either very authoritarian or permissive parenting styles. Its hard to tell which one it is, so who really knows.

Looks like NO parenting at all.
That is exactly what the world needs, less protection for the wicked.

Send them to jail. Which of them would have thought that what unfolded in those 30 minutes would change their lives forever.
Usually a lack of parenting or young parents. A cop told me about this at lunch today :-\.

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.:mad:

These girls should get what comes to them in prison. See how tough they will be in prison.:cool:
The Mom of one of the girls (whose house the taping was at) was on NBC Today show and all I can say is "now I see where she gets it". Talk about dumb as a box of rocks.
they deserve jail time for a gang beating to one person.
They may face life sentence but i doubt they will get anything close to that.
Can't wait to see the verdict of this case.
I wish I could see the look on their face the first time one of em get's bitch slapped across a room by "Bertha" the 350lb psycho that's there for breaking a cops knee caps.
So how would a defense attorney approach a case like this? I mean...I guess you just try and keep the time down? Get them on a technicality?

Wouldn't that be a crappy first case to draw...yikes.