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Your opinion on this '95 w/ salvage history

15 April 2001

Hi guys, wanted to run this by the group before I go any further w/ it - could you take a peek at this car - it was on EBay a few times, and never sold. Car is a '95, the CarFax shows a salvage title from '96 (the dealer RM Motors in Ft. Lauderdale discloses this), and the car seems to have bounced around from auction to auction, state to state - apparently the dealers wanted to "cleanse" the title, but the salvage history never disappeared.

I asked the shop to tell me everything they know about it - they know nothing - they bought it in an auction as well. No records, no history, no nothing. Called Acura, gave them the VIN - they told me "it is a '95 NSX". Nothing else! This car has a 100% unknown history - a total mystery.

So, assuming the car aces its tech inspection (as they say it does), what do you think such a beast might be worth compared to a car w/ immaculate history? Also, if anyone here happens to know anything about this car I would love to hear it.
Many thanks!
Why spend 40,000 for a car with an unkown history, when you can get a pristine version for 5,000 more? Stay away from this one.
Are you saying it is possible to find a '95 w/ 28K mi (black at that..) for $45K? Where!? I'm all over it like ugly on an ape!

From the classifieds (here, yahoo, excite, autotrader) seems to me such cars go for alot closer to $50K than $45K.

Still, thx for the input - hope to get some more opinions.
Hey Race_,
Sig is right....forget about this car for its unknown history....I know that there are couple of 96'NSX-T that sells for around 47k$-48...a little bit over your budget but worthwile.....If you need help let me know!
I would not buy a car that was repaired after a wreck, however if it is imperative that you save money you could consider buying a wrecked car that has not been fixed yet. This way there will be no surprises when you reassemble the car.It would be a good learning experiance for you to see why repaired cars are worth less than one that has not been repaired. There is a reason why cars are totaled by an insurance company. Its because it will cost more to put the car back together correctly then the car is worth. Then a body shop buys the car cuts corners to make the repairs and then sells the car usually saying that the damage was minor. Not so if it has a salvage title. A salvage title (at least here in NY) is only issued if the car has had major damage or has been run through an insurance company ie..totaled. However it is still possible that someone could total a car and then buy it back from the insurance company and repair it themselves thus showing no damage history on the title ...so your never 100% safe. Look around the internet and see some of the nsx's that are not repaired for sale at salvage yards. It is very likely that the one you are interested in was once in very bad condition. With a car like an nsx, audi a-8, or many benz it is IMPOSSIBLE to restore them after a extreme impact. The tolerances on these cars cannot be recreated on a destroyed car. As well it will be as hard for you to resell the car in the future as it is for the current owner now.
Ive seen this NSX on Ebay before. Its not worth what they are asking. And when buying a high end car like an NSX, you want it to be as close to original as possible(not including mods is your choice)! I bought an M3 that was wrecked before. I of course found out after the purchase and noticed many flaws after I got to know the car! And an NSX is a more exotic car than the e36 M3!JMO...be very careful damage to an NSX.
I'll join the advice of the others: run away from this car. I wouldn't even consider a car like the NSX with a salvage title.

Keep searching; you'll find a '95 in your price range eventually. Or you can drop back a year or two, if you don't mind skipping the targa. But don't buy this one.

-Bob ('94 #496)

I have a 1996 NSX-T, Black/Black with 26,600 miles. It is 100% stock.

I have the OEM CD changer, OEM keyless entry, OEM integrated phone, and the NSX bra.

Let me know if you are interested. Send me an email with your contact information and we can discuss this further detail. Thanks!
Often, cars get branded with bad titles for really minor work due to the high cost of body parts. Have the frame inspected.

That being said, 40,000 is high for a salvage title car.

I sold my 95 Red/Black 35k mile for for $47.5 a year ago.

-- Chris


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Do not touch this car. I am in Ft Lauderdale and called him about the car. It does not have a clean title regardless of what he's telling you. It was brought from state to state trying to clear the title. The guy selling it doesn't know anything about the history, that's the first problem, the second problem is that you will NEVER be able to resell this car. Wait, be patient and you will find a good deal. I just got a 94 from Michigan with 5,000 miles for 43K. BE PATIENT! Check all of the Forums and use the search engine on Autotrader online. Good Luck!!
Many thanks to all who responded - on your advice I guess I will pass on this one, and keep looking. Sure is tempting to save the $$$, but you are right, it is better to get a car you can be feel totally confident about, especially w/ a purchase of this level, and a car this sublime. A salvage history kinda defeats alot of the original purpose, doesnt it..

Thx again, hope to join you soon!
Rob, you're getting like the FAQ Nazi.... everytime I post with mention of any sort of get together...you gotta slam me 'cos I can never make it.
I would LOVE to go to at least one event but you guys NEVER do anything on a SUNDAY. Us working people work on Saturdays and most Sundays as well. But, at least I have a remote chance of making it on a Sunday.

Todd Arnold


C'mon, just join us for at least one event, won't you? Taking your girl to the caribbean (as you did last time) surely cannot be more important


Ever heard of SAFE motorsports in S. FLA?

A couple of months back I ran into another NSX on the road and we pulled over to chat. Turns out he lives a couple of blocks away from me. As I tried to talk him into Chin's club he mentioned this other local club - much cheaper, same 3 tracks, but pretty hardcore - no instructors or anything, and you must have some piece of paper proving some driving competency.

I took his card and told him I'd get back to him after my upcoming Skip Barber racing school.

My bud Stefan (you've met him) went down to Homestead last sunday to check them out and wow, there was probably not a single street legal car there. One of the cars was Jeff Gordon's actual #24 Nascar car (from 2 years ago).

Sounds intense, I'll post some pics in the "Track" topic if I can figure out how to.

Ah, and before I sound totally non-sequitor the third pic of the red NSX being chased turns out to be my neighbour.

Hello from NYC.
Here's a take from someone who purchased a salvage title NSX. I had back surgery four years ago and decided I wanted an NSX, but no longer wanted the aches and pains of shifting. I waited and waited for a black NSX to come along with (I hate to say it) an automatic transmission. One issue: It had a salvage title. I did extensive checks and discovered the car need approximately $4000 worth of work: 2 tie rods, 1 pivotal assembly on the driver's side, and a few minors cosmetic concerns. I factored this into the purchase and negotiated a fair price. My car is a 1991.

Now, some thoughts on your dilemma: (1) if you want an NSX, perhaps it would be wiser to
seek a '93 or '94 with a clean title that was well cared for but no longer garners the price of a later model; (2) in some cases, salvage cars maybe in better mechanical shape than a clean title car-- salvage may simply mean physically repaired--- but be sure body is straight; (3) the car you are looking at sounds "fishy"to me-- lower bidget NSX lovers would have gobbled it up if the car even needed some work (although the '95 even with a salvage title is probaly not so low budget); (4) do your homework-- although the NSX is reasonably low maintenance, parts can be costly. So what seems to be a deal because of a salvage title could eventually become a
financial burden. There are too many NSXs out there to have your heart set on one particular car especially if you're not relegated to the automatic transmission like I was. Be patient. It's worth the wait. The NSX is a supreme pleasure to own. Happy hunting
The term salvage title seems to be used very often but with no real explanation. I had a 300zx turbo that had a salvage title show up on a car fax years later. The car was from Oklahoma and was involved in the floods out there in 1992 (I was very nervous even after owning the car for months and it was perfect) I made many calls and finally got to the original owner and found out that it had had just enough water to spill over door sills and fill the foot wells. Well during this "great flood" the insurance companies just went around and basically totaled everything that had a claim. The owner purchased the car from the company bought two new seats and floor mats and the car was perfect and I still see it running around town. I actually considerded getting into the bidding on that green NSX on e-bay that had water damage but have been too busy with work to give it proper attention. So as usual I will go against the grain and say "dont automatically dismiss a car just because it has a salvage show up on car fax"

'92 Black/Black #977