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Zaino results

25 May 2000
Hi everybody,

I just updated my website with some pictures of my Zainoed NSX.

Here the link :
So what is your overall impression?

Also, I like the side markers and assume they are standard in Europe.
Well,let me tell you. It looks terrific in yellow too! My yellow paint on my '99 was terrific and I thought it couln't be improved on. Amazingly, this Zaino stuff made it look a little brighter, a little smoother and a lot wetter and deeper looking than it looked before. I definitely recommend this stuff to any owners of yellow NSXs out there. It's worth the money and the time to apply it. I'm truly happy . Thank you Dr. Lane for your recommendation, I wish my doctor was as precise as you are when recommending something. Actually my DDS is fine, my MD is the questionable guy,
Hi Dr Lane,

My overall impression is that I will stay with Zaino for the rest of my life ...

The pictures was taken after only one coat of Z5, one of Z6 and one of Z2.

All the swirls marks disappeared with Z5 ! INCREDIBLE

And yes, my side markers are standard in Europe.

Best regards