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Zanardi #31 on Ebay JH4NA2123XT000158

4 June 2003
Anyone know the history behind Zinardi 31 that's on Ebay right now? It's got really low miles (under 1,500).
Re: Zinardi #31 on Ebay

Thanks. I searched under "Zanardi 31" and didn't get a hit. Interesting car. You'd have to be doing a hell of a lot of driving to put 40000 miles on a car in three months. Too bad if it's a mistake from Carfax. Just makes a possibly great car look suspect.
Aluminsx said:
You'd have to be doing a hell of a lot of driving to put 40000 miles on a car in three months. Too bad if it's a mistake from Carfax.
That's an average of over 400 miles a day, every day, for three months. It's almost certainly an error.
Re: Zinardi #31 on Ebay

I asked the seller about this and here is his response:

"That is being corrected now. It was on consignment at another dealership at that time. In the state of Minnesota anytime that you have a vehicle on your lot, consignment or trade in, you have to list it with the state. That dealer obviously entered the wrong miles accidently. This car is owned by one of my best clients and a friend. He drives a Cayenne Turbo in the winter and has a Ferrari and a Twin Turbo Porsche for the summer. He simply did not drive this one. He needs the garage space, I guess 6 car garage is not enough, because he is picking up his Porsche Carrerra GT in April.

Bid with confidence that this car is too good to be true! At 1463 miles on it, there probably is not another one like it in captivity.

Good luck bidding and our reserve is $59,000.00. A lot of car for the money!

Thanks for your inquiry.

Matt Edwards
7204 Washington Ave S
Eden Prairie MN 55344
[email protected]"
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Re: Zinardi #31 on Ebay

I inquired about this car in April 2004 and was told by the seller then (mcars.biz- site not found now or I'm off a letter or 2) that it was an error in carfax & would be fixed. It's been a year & no change??!! Don't hold your breath. I do believe it was an honest mistake by someone entering mileage, but no way should it still be uncorrected a year later. By the way, they wanted $68K then. As Rick James said, "Cocaine is a helluva drug."
Re: Zinardi #31 on Ebay

I've seen carfax make a mileage error before. They had my wife's Mercedes mileage listed at 66,000 a year ago. It still does not have that many miles. I wrote to them to correct it, and to the best of my knowledge, they have yet to do so.