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zanardi rear subframe

11 October 2001
Clearwater, Fl
i need to get a new sub-frame for the rear of my car as the one i have now is slightly bent (it conects the to each side behing the wheel kinda u shaped) and it needs to be removed everytime i change the oil filter so pricing one up it is $344.04 from the dealer but the zanardi one is different and i'm trying to find out why or how? it is priced at $462.05
any help would be great.
Originally posted by smoore:
... and it needs to be removed everytime i change the oil filter...

Just curious, why do you need to remove the subframe every time you change the oil filter? Its not that hard to remove the filter with the subframe in place. Do you have an aftermarket oil pan or something blocking access?
Which part is it?

<img src=http://www.acuraautomotiveparts.net/acura/jsp/mws/catimgs/13SL00_B48.gif>

Are you sure it's different on the Zanardi?? It looks like it's the same parts on this diagram for the Zanardi as all NSX'es. Do you have the part#'s you are talking about? If it is part #2 on this diagram, the "ROD A, RR. BEAM", it will cost ya $426.32 if you buy it new, and it's the same as all years of NSX'es. Option 2 is to get one from a salvaged car (hopefully with no rear end damage) and option 3 is to have a fabricator fix yours if that's possible.

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thanks for the reply
it is part number 2 and the dealer assures me they are very different hence the $120 difference in price but for some reason nobody know why?
just found out their is no difference in the part, the changed it on the 95' newer cars including the zanardi....