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  • When doing autocross with wider tires, did the car still understeer like most reviews say when taking the nc1 on track?
    Some pro drivers that review the nc1, say as soon as the car oversteers like they want the torque vector restricts the rear end from coimg around.
    How did it feel with your track setup tires?
    Hey hows it going, not sure if you would be willing but maybe it would work out for both of us.

    Is there any chance you would sell me the ILift system from your car? ILift doesnt sell it any longer. I'd pay whatever you wanted for it.
    Not sure if you would be willing to do that or not but if I paid retail price for it it would outweigh removal cost.
    Hello, I was wondering where can I find the door light projectors you have on your car? thank you
    I ordered from Amazon, but the page is not active anymore. It was Autonado brand for an RDX/ZDX/TLX car. I had to trim the connector to work, so it's wasn't perfect plug and play anyway.
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