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  • Hey bro,

    I just got messaged over on shift518 from your buddie Archie. I'm looking to buy an NSX within the 25-30k range , something that runs well and is black/yellow/red but really I would like black. He told me about some of the stuff you have done to your car and shown me the link to your thread here on nsxprime. VERY impressive car man. I dont know much of a hurry your into sell your car, looks like its been on sale for a while. But I doubt I will be able to take a loan for 30g's or more before september/october. I'm trying to pay my entire bike off this summer and my credit cards, total of 10 grand total so its going to be alot of work. Without doing that there is no chance.

    If I can fight the battle of lenders with private party loans (buying person to person) and your car is for sale when I do get that figured out, I would love to get in touch with you. If your not going to have the car that long, good luck with the sale, and maybe you could give me some tips in what to look for , as far as 25-30k range on an acura nsx. Thanks alot bro!

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