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  • Hello Angus my name is Dave . Darcy in nsxprime never. I'm from Ontario Canada. I see your from Vancouver.
    I'm looking for an exhaust for my 1999 Acura nsx T . I really like the F 1 sound or the Ferrari sound. Can you give mean idea. I'm not very good on this site. Would you take my email [email protected]. email me if you would. I can coversate one on one easier.
    Thank you in advance.
    Dave / Darcy as nsx prime member

    Hope to hear from you soon
    As well a actual cold air intake.
    Hi Will. Peter from Vernon. Hope you are faring well through the current situation and are staying healthy. I would like to have my center console and door switch plates refinished in a color as close to factory as possible. I have the console out and am getting at the door panels today. What would you charge for refinishing? No cracks or gouges just a few scratches and some lifting in places. Thanks.
    Hey I was looking for a carbon sub box. Do you still make them or have them available? 417-619-8646 or Facebook Ty Ngo

    Hi, I saw your post on NSX prime for your high flow cat converters and I wanted to know if they'll pass California smog. My '94 NSX failed smog due to my cat converters and I was hoping that your custom set might do the trick. Let me know when you can. Thanks -- Jason
    I am interested in the used exhaust u are selling would just like see a picture first. What year is it for
    Comptech Carbon fiber airbox/scoop do you have pics? Does it include the lid? 831-920-8950.
    Hi can I have your contact number or can u call me 604-773-9394, got issue with my exhaust sounds , seems loose or crispy sounds , thx Samson
    Hey angus. I'm interested in buying resonated test pipes for 95. I was wondering how much for them and do they help with droning in the cabin?
    Ok Wil! I see that you are excactly what my wish was ! :) Now my hope is that you have the time to help me with the questions I put in my thread which are:
    To what fuse do they go? How are they wired? Do they get currency when engine starts or by a swich in the compartment or, or, or....
    I have downloaded the service manual 1995-2005 but are having difficulties to find what I want due to my bad technical english. If you know the side, perhaps you can guide me.
    Do you have the answer to my other thread about side marker and turning light also?
    Thanks in advance.
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