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  • Arshad....If you plan to ship you vehicle to the US, do so ,say, from Buffalo or any cross border city. In this fashion you avoid the need for custom papers ete. I used Fed-ex cargo,principally due to my business but there are a number of good carriers,all of which are reasonable....hope this helps....Jim
    Hi there. In the past I have used Alan at Erin Mills Acura. He is the one that put on my supercharger, and I trust his work.

    More recently, I have put my car in the hands of Rob at Oakville Acura. It's a hell of a drive from my place (I'm close to Aurora, north of Toronto), but just like you, I want someone I can absolutely trust with lots of NSX experience to be working on my car. Rob is definitely the man. He's been repairing NSX's since they came out (has been a Honda tech for even longer), and was sent to Japan for NSX training. He's very good.

    Thanks for the compliments on the wheels. I absolutely love them -- the best investment I've made for the car :)
    Hello Arshad,
    can you tell me which dealer you use for mechanical work in the Toronto/London area? I want only someone that are trained in the repair of the NSX. Just looking for basic maintenance stuff like timing belt change, axel replacing, windshield replace etc etc.. I'm familiar with the Toronto area but if I have to, I can also go to London if needed. Anyway phone numbers etc you can give me would be great!

    BTY, the Rays look terrific on this car, good work getting those, I don't know of too many ppl that have them.
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