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It's truly a blessing and a bite being a 35 year old mind imprisoned in an almost 80 year old body.

aircraft, cars, vintage wooden boats
St.Louis MO area
Retired Chief Customer Officer, VP Sales and Marketing and National Account exec
NSX Details
(No longer new) Owner of a 96 Targa formula red with Camel interior. Have wanted one since they came out. Dragon Lady is so quiet, can barely hear thanks to the Mungenast Maintenance Touch. Only time she makes noise is when the the VTECH kicks in..

On the daily driver 19 TLX amd 22 CIVIC. Have owned or leased at least one Acura since 86, Legends, TL's an RL, now a 2019 TLX-6 Tech, following a 2016 TLX-4 Tech all from Mungenast St. Louis Acura, "best in the business". 2022 TLX, impressive due to the change in width, despite the lack of PAWS, except it needs a 3.5-6 option, and replacement of the stock ugly wheels imho.
Just added the 2022 Civic to the stable for my bride. Nice small sedan, fun to drive

Interested in corresponding with all, especially St. Louis Area gang, as we are a small group of owners.


96 NSX-T Red/Tan stock 108,000+
04 RL graphite pearl RIP Well done good & faithful servant 12yrs/,200M is a good life.
19 TLX-6 Tech, Platinum White / Espresso
22 Civic Platinum White / Charcoal