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  • Tim,
    A blessed Christmas, haven't seen your posts here in a long time. Dragon lady is now 8 years in my care, and approaching 102,000. Hope that all is well. Think about you when I post here.
    Longest trip was from back from Boston area to St. Louis in 20 hours. What I found interesting was that the NSX was as comfortable as my RL on a long ride. Not the same, but just as comfortable. I was as fresh after 10 hours behind the wheel as could be. Took a friend for a ride at the speed limit and his comment was that it was smoother than his net CTX Caddy. What a compliment. We've got a group getting together this weekend for coffee.
    Warm regards,
    Don (from Providence RI tonite, Boston tomorrow, I flew though)
    Just got the interior refinished, cannot believe the results for just $250. Guy that inspected the car said that the driver seat needed to be replaced. The gal that did my car made it look like new and fixed some of the chips in the w/s as well. When I get the balance of the touch up done on the outside, I will go back. She's been around 15 years in St Louis and does work on Rolls, Ferrari's etc.
    Warm regards,
    Tim, thanks for the friend request. I hope I added you correctly as it's the first time I've done this. Looks like you got a great group here...Oscar has some good taste in mods!
    Mr. Rod, just stopping to say "Hi" and to say that I love your enthusiasm about your NSX and the NSX life in general, this car indeed is very special!
    Happy Motoring!

    I forgot about the large Kenwood amp in the trunk... and my car came with the NSX car cover, which was nice.
    It also has the computech upper stabilizer bar (I'm not sure what the technical name of it is).
    Otherwise the car is stock as far as I know... I don't believe it has aftermarket exhaust... It does have one of the oil air filters too. I believe I may purcahse a new K&N filter for the stock air intake.
    I thought about a cone type air filter, but from what I read here on prime, it didn't seem like it would make much difference over a regular K&N or oil air filter.
    Maybe you have some wisdom there....
    I'm still learning.... I like keeping most things stock. I'm not one to spend the $$$ to SC or turbo one.
    I myself like the pop-up head lights.
    I thought I might like a NSX-T, but the more I think about it, I like the coupe. Besides, when I was younger I use to live at the lakes, pools, rivers, whatever and baked in the sun. Now I have cut way back.
    I did have a slice of skin cancer chopped off my ear left ear (maybe because it is the one by the window. Nothing major, but it only reinforced that I should try to keep my nogg'n covered.

    I have some things to do tonight, so I won't get an opportunity to play with the avatar. But I will get you the instructions on how to do it.... unless you beat me on figuring it out.

    Hey Rod,
    How do you get a picture of your car on your name like you have - I went to edit but didn't see how to do that.

    From Rod: It was a pain if I remember correctly. I beleive I had to make an Avatar. I used some freeware if I remember correctly. I will see if I can figure out how I did it. You might try searching Avatar.

    Say, you bought yours not too long ago it seems what have you had to do to it since you bought it?

    Rod -I guess price is subjective, sort of. I feel like I got mine for a very good price. I had been looking and watching for years. Went through a divorce that postponed some plans. I finally had some money and was watching. The one I got was on e-Bay. I put a bid in on it Good Friday, fully expecting to be immediately outbid by the previous bidders set maximum bid price, but I wasn't. The auction didn't close until Sunday, Easter 2008. I fully expected to be outbid between Good Friday and Easter at 3:30 pm, but wasn't... I was all smiles when the bid closed out. My wife can attest to that... I figured somebody would put in a bid at the last minute and get it.
    The previous owner was (I suspect still is) the Financial Director of the Reno Honda dealership. He prided himself on being a stickler (there are a few things I would have done, that he wasn't worried about though).
    It had 38,500 miles on it. German Antera 308 wheels (he said they were high dollar wheels, they are nice, have removable valve stems). He had West Wings lip, side skirts, and rear professionally painted and installed. The WP/TB had been done a year or so before. The clutch just went out at 37,800 miles, so he had the Honda dealership install a new one (I was surprised the clutch went out so soon).
    It looks like the A/C may have had something done to it. It blows cold. He did install a nice Kenwood DVD sterio with a sub woofer in the passenger floor. It was professionally installed. I'm not that much into feeling base to where my heart skips a beat. I could live without that part.
    He removed the cigarette lighter and ash tray. He couldn't find them. I may try and get replacements. I don't smoke & don't want anybody to smoke in it for sure... but I would like to have the original parts. I put my cell phone in the ash tray slot, like he did.
    He also had somebody install Louie Vuitton material on the center console & the arm rests. It could be easily removed. I had never heard of Louie Vuitton before (I'm so out of it... my son and daughter knew what it was right away, as most other people). I wasn't sure what I thought about it at first, but it kind of grew on me & it is another conversation peice for the car... as if there aren't enough already.
    It has a low profile antenna and not the original power antenna, but I like the new one.
    When the clutch was replaced it was aligned. He also purchased brand new tires on the rear for my trip home. The front tires could be replaced sometime in the future.
    I planned on doing the front and rear brakes this summer. They are okay, but I figured I would just do them and repaint the calipers. But I may put it off until next year.
    Currently the car has just over 43,000. The trip from Reno to Omaha added a quick 1,500 miles. It was right at 40,000 when I arrived home.
    The right horn button popped out when pressed. I found a tab that had broken off in the carpet and glued it. It works okay now. I will probably get new replacements.
    I have ordered a few minor parts I have found missing... a couple bolts for the air filter case and a rubber bumper on the trunk lid.
    I also ordered new NSX keys and made some spares.
    I'm not sure if all the hoses have been replaced or not. That will be something I need to do. And my car is in the snap ring range. The previous owner told me it had been fixed, but didn't have paperwork on it.
    When I get the WP/TB replaced or some other maintenance where they need to get in the transmission case I may see if they can check to see if it is in tolerance or replace it. That snap ring issue is too bad.. the only real ding in Honda's engineering. Some will be perfect and others will be out of tolerance and the snap rings can break.
    The West Wings front lip had some chips and I scrapped it a couple times getting use to how low it is, but I have figured out where I can go and where I can't. I had it repainted with chip guard this past spring. There are some small chips on the hood, if you look close. You can't see them from any distance.
    It didn't have a front plate braket, which was fine, since I like the looks without a front plate. But after a year, the NE State Patrol decided I needed one. So I ordered a SOS one that folds up and disappears... kind of neat, too bad it isn't electronic, like James Bond or Maxwell Smart :eek:)
    I had to have a law enforcement officer sign off on the fix. The county sherrif was surprised I was given a warning to have it fixed. I had driven it more than a year driving by all sorts of law enforcement people & never got stopped until the one state patrol this year. My next door neighbor is a state patrol and never said anything about it.
    I could take it off or slip it up out of the way. So far I'm being good.
    I see Vettes, Mustangs, Vipers around with no front plates, so go figure.
    The dash does have a crack right where the front temperature sensor is... I thought about trying to glue it or fix it, but somehow I suspect I could make things worse. I believe it is probably from the heat around Reno.

    Did you get a good deal?

    Rod- I got it for $27k. I figured I would have gone $30k for it at the time. From what I was seening on eBay, Auto Trader, Cars.com, etc. there weren't any out there with all this car had, low miles and condition. He was going through a divorce and was selling off toys and luxury items. He may have got more out of it had it not been listed over a holiday weekend. Then again, I found it listed on e-Bay previously and it closed out just under $25k. That was in Feb. Bummer I didn't see it then... the winning bidder didn't believe he would win it for his bid and didn't have the funds for the car. Which is why when I won it, he made it clear for bidders not to bid unless they planned on following through.

    How do you like it?

    Rod- I love it. My wife really loves it... which makes it great. To have a wife that supports your toys. It is a beautiful car. The seats are very comfortable. I'm 6' 0" or sometimes 6' 1" depending on who measures me... and I fit fine. My wife is short, so that sub woofer in the passenger floor doesn't bother her. I may see about returning that more toward stock someday.

    Seems like you feel like I do.

    Rod - I love it... it is plenty fast for me. Like somebody posted... freeway on ramps, up to 80 mph in 2nd gear... crazy. It took me more than a year to get it past 3rd gear when I was driving spirited. Barely get it in 3rd gear and you are doing 90 mph.

    How many miles on yours? Currently just over 43k.

    It looks nice! I like the wheels. - Thanks (even though it is red :eek:)

    Rod - I really haven't had to do much to it... except hand wash and wax it and keep it clean.

    I did replace one windshield wiper. I need to see about replacing the drivers side with an original part. It has the high speed wind shield on it and it appears to be a dealer item. I will be checking with one of the prime dealers - Ray in NY or the guys in Henderson, NV. The dealership here charges full price for parts $$$$.

    I'd like to get some pics on my profile so others could see my car.

    I want to get another picture of my car on Prime... so if I figure out how I did it last time, I will let you know.

    PS. I felt blessed to get my car... the Good Friday/Easter.... I donated a Honda CRX to a church three years before I got the NSX... I see it as I planted the Red Honda CRX as seed and my harvest was a 91 Red Acura/Honda NSX. It just went to verify the principle of reaping and sowing. You always reap more than you sow and when you plant in the natural, your harvest is of the same kind... I know it may be a stretch, but it works for me.

    I will get back with you on the Avatar for the picture.

    Yeah.. the water got in from the vent above and rusted the 3 ignition coils. he will replace them just in case.

    as for bushings I am assuming that's what he is replacing... he said he will get the replacement from sos.

    Glad you get to drive your nsx around.. I am dying to get my car back. and yes.. we own nsx now.. we have nothing to prove. :)

    I got a 91 blk/ivory 5 speed, 28k miles on it.

    basically all fluid, gasket, hoses. vtec gasket, 3 ignition coils, master relay, tb/wp/tensioner, overflow tank, coolant sensor, 2 toe links, steer rack bushing, alignment, valve adjustment, clutch adjustment, clutch cylinder seal, camshaft seal.. I know I missed something.... but that's all I can remember.

    I can't wait to have my car back... :(
    I'm the 3rd owner, original owner and second owner never changed the TB/WP...I did it as soon as I bought the car. So technically "I" didn't wait....they just never did it. After 17 years though the tech said the belt looked OK, he is the one that said it was definitely the original. I had all the records pulled on the car and there was also no record of it ever being changed. My car of course only had 26K miles and was garaged its entire life.
    A HUGE difference.
    Bear in mind mine is a '91 with a restrictive OEM exhaust manifold. But the difference was like night and day. Really, that much. With no other engine mods the car dynos at 271+ rwhp.
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