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  • aww crap! uhh...damn it, if we go evening show we will have fanbois all over our cars while we're in the theatre. You make the call!
    poor poor t-will. now he has to sign contracts to play in the NBA or in some exotic locale overseas. poor poor t-will
    Thursday night showing...hmmmmm I am down like a clown charlie br....charlie brrrrr...I'm down like a clown charlie brown! the wife wont be able to attend obviously. And I too am off Fridizzay! We actually just talked about everything, I gave him 15% off a car charger, each percent off represented how many points he should've had. He is about to go to jamaica or however it is you spell it. tough life he has
    they played like CRAP! Funny story, I was working Mall St Matts, and T Will came in, and we started talking for a good 20 minutes. Cool dude. You off tomorrow? because I am, and I know I'll be bored!
    1 dollar beer you say?? I'm down for it! I get off at 4, then I'm free. The wifey is out of town, so I can play today. And yeah, hooters and UFC will definetly work for me!
    We didnt hang out today! I'll be back in town on thursday, however i'm working ALL day Friday. let me know what you're getting into this weekend. Beer is always a wonderful activity!
    No, not engaged.... but haven't been spending much time on Prime lately. It's just summer, lots of stuff going on.... jet skiing and boating on the weekends, riding the bikes and driving the car... you know. Once weather turns cool and there's less to do I'm sure I'll have more of a presence on prime again. What's with you? Gonna head up here once before the end of the season? I still have those Comptech headers for sale if you want them.
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