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  • Nope. 91 and 92 modulators only. most of the o-rings will fit perfectly, but some others won't.

    Let me know which o-ring don't fit.
    aah ok, thnx alot! as you can understand, its my first time in the states and luckily at the same time as nsxpo... would be a shame to skip such a chance! So just seeing all the cars together and meet up with a couple of owners would be great!
    In the past and I suspect this time as well you don't have to sign up to hang around many of the events. I would not expect you would be able to attend things like the dinner, the muesum, and track. But the canyon drive or general gatherings in the parking lot or around town (palm springs is small) Would not be a problem people will tell you the schedule and just show up. I did that in Vegas and just did the HPDE track and skipped all the other paid stuff but still hung out. I even stayed in the same hotel.
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