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  • Hey Kelly got a question for you. Will I be able to use a widebody fender on the front and back with any type of front and rear bumper?
    This shop does all/most of the body exterior work on the local high-end rides: www.berlisbody.com. They'd be able to do a perfect repair & color-match for your front-bumper's lip, or refer you to who can.

    www.jeffsautobodyrepair.com is also recommended by many, locally. Though, you don't need quote/unquote body-work/repair (their expertise). Worth a call, nonetheless.

    I got a tuner/import guy who does high-quality paint/body-repair on the cheap, but his shop is real rag-tag/shabby. He's good w/ metallic paints w/ flake/pearl/etc' & clear-coat. On my previous NSX, he color-matched a door & my front-bumper's valance & after-market lip ('91 Berlina black NSX w/ 75k miles at the time). We can head-over there together for an estimate whenever you're down. . .

    I think your bumper just needs spot-fixed at the scrape/crack & then blended in w/ the surrounding area by a skilled/proficient/experienced paint-guy (ie. color-match/blend the Silverstone on repaired/primered area, then "cut" the paint by rubbing/wet-sanding & blend to match the rest, finished off w/ a clear-coat/polish). . .
    Brother! Awesomeness about your new 'digs, boss. Literally, I'm only 10min's or less away in RR. I believe Jose (Alas-NSX) is rather close to your whereabouts, and Ojas is perhaps 10-15mins' away as well.

    I'm out-of-towne' till the 31st of Dec', as soon as I'm back, let's rendezvous when you're all settled-in, so to speak. . .
    hey soon-to-be-neighbor! nice job handling some of the recent... um... hot threads. looking forward to hanging out with you soon!
    No, I never got your new email. Shoot it off to me. This new message shit is bizzare. I like the old PM better.
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