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Larry Bastanza

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  • Larry I have read a couple threads regarding the right rear wheel speed sensor. I have an 04 that has intermittently been tripping the ABS and TCS lights. This alll started shortly after my clutch was replaced. I took it back to Brookfield Acura thinking it was a loose connector. They said it needed to be replaced. I know these are pretty fool proof and seldom fail. Because it is intermittent I think it is still a wiring issue. I think I have traced it back to the connection harness but where I think it is doesn't make sense. I followed it inside the trunk. Is that it?

    Thank you for any input

    Phill Ruhnke
    Hi Larry!
    I’m in Albany, NY- I have a 1993 NSX, I’m looking for a driver side mirror in red. Would you know anyone that might have one for sale? Also, what type of oil and oil filter would you recommend I use. The motor was rebuilt with a turbo.
    Best Regards-
    Hey Larry,

    I heard you are the NSX guru. Quick TB question: I've finished the tensioning procedure and with the crank at tdc, the pin holes in the cams all line up, and the cam marks on the gears (cam side) line up, but they are a bit below the plate that you use for reference. Have you seen that they are a bit below or should they be more exposed and visible?

    Hi Rodhkill,

    I am not sure we ever chatted, I did not see this message. Please contact me anytime at 201-966-5178 (cell)

    Greatings Larry from Queens, Ny. I have a 96 NSX that need servicing. Wanted to know more about how you work. Thanks. By the way your reputation presides you.
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