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  • Are you still doing the red valve covers? If so, do you have a set laying around or I need to send you my set first?

    Hi, have read that you did powder nsx-r red powder coat service. Do you still do this ?
    I have Nsx valve cover and manifold cover that i want painted red.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Best regards Henrik.
    are you still modding the taillight harness's to get the "brake light" warning light to go off on the dash?

    if so its the passenger side harness you need, correct? i tried sending a pm but your box was full.
    Hi Garrick

    My name is Jim(aka Plastics on this forum). After 16 years, my windows have finally began to slow down and it is my understanding that you can repair them. I don't know if you are prepared to take this on, but if you are could you kindly e mail me [email protected].

    Many thanks....Jim
    Thought about it but I looked at all the components necessary and it's not worth the effort as it a pretty integrated system with the memory seats... Not only do you need to point it down , you need to bring the mirror in close to the car. You must also remember the exact position (up down left right) to go back to...
    hey ever thought of making the Mirrors point down when the car is in reverse? the 04-10 TLs do,, a guy on prime asked if it was possible,, I think so
    Hey any updates on the TL radio install? cuz I have been thinking about putting in my TL radio now,, but am waiting for the weather to warm up a little,, but my question really was did you finish the radio/ac ashtray cover bezel? I have been thinking of using acrilic plexiglass clear,, and painting the back of it black so as to get this deep shine like car paint but you cant scratch it, I will send you some pics this week !!
    Hehe, is that a challenge? My first install had the Audio working, Nav (with control buttons), HFL and XM radio including the steering wheel buttons. This time, I've got the Audio working (with Speed Volume Control), Updated Nav (with control buttons), XM Radio, XM Traffic and Steering Wheel buttons already working. The only parts left are the Rearview Camera, Mic reinstall and Aux input. Then all that's left is the "finish" so that everything look stock.

    The Vigor is a nice fit but I don't like the look. My HFL / Voice recognition Mic is installed up there so putting speakers there isn't a good idea. I'm going to put the TL center channel in the rear speaker spot.
    Well I also couldnt get the touch part of the Navi to work, I figured it was the FCAN bus + and FCAN Bus - i think i cant remember right now would have to look at the book,, but my trick was let me see if while the radio was plugged in normally if it would work well it did,, so I disassembled the radio and took out the main motherboard for the radio,, the part with the pigtail connections, and hooked up ,,just the motherboard of the radio, so as far as the navi is concerned the radio is off but its still getting the FCAN +/- SIGNAL, wrapped the motherboard in a cerealbox cardboard shoved it under the dash, but I am going to cut the centerconsole and place my navi buttons where you did,, but its ok for now in the glovebox,, but I am going to have the same setup as you,,, just dont have time right now,, but when i cut my dash i didnt have to cut so deep like you did,, my cut was a little more precise, hahaha but you beat me to the punch with the install but i gonna try and make all the functions of the tl in the nsx,, we might have to race on this install you ahve a head start though but i work better under pressure, but i dont know if i like the 1994 Acura Vigor above me,,
    Hey I think your radio install is awesome I will be doing the same thing, I already have the navigation system installed form a 2005 TL it was a bitch to do the wire harness for it,, anyway Looking at your pics you posted helped me out alot, I though I was gonna be the first to do this but you beat me to it,, anyway I have an idea for ya, tweeters for the NSX,, I took the dome light which has tweeters built in from an Acura Vigor, it fits perfectly and has the light option, plus more room for your HFL stuff which I know is Bulky,, anyway the pic is in my profile in the pics folder,, let me know!!
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