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  • Hello Meeyatch1. I am following your car on BaT, actually I am currently the high bidder. Can you tell me when was the last timing belt/water pump replacement? Also, is there any evidence of the epoxy like insulation from the Cam sensor dripping anywhere? Great looking car.
    Hey Meeyatch1, I was searching through salvage car auctions and I found an NSX Alex Zanardi for auction, and since I had never heard of that before I looked it up and wound up on this thread. The reason I'm reply to you is because you said you wanted to buy this #34 NSX. So Since I'm 16 years old And I won't be able to bid on this car because I spent all my money on a miata I thought I would tell you. Here is the link to the #34 NSX https://www.iaai.com/Vehicle?itemID=25245960&RowNumber=0&loadRecent=True
    I miss my S2000. Funny to read this now, because just this morning I was considering hiring a Private Investigator to see if they can find it so that I can buy it back.
    Not sure if you have driven an S2000. It is a unique experience...more akin to a motorcycle than a car. You are welcome to take mine for a drive. I still owe you one for your help with my radio!
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