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  • Ha. It is doing quite well. I had a nice CTSC, GT-One v5.1 setup on it. I have since sold my headers, the exhaust, and the CTSC. I had Cody make me one of his turbo kits designed for the stock engine. It will be shipping out on Monday, so that is going to be exciting. After I uninstalled the CTSC, we did a compression check on the engine. WOW, this engine is very strong. The readings came back 225, 225, 225, 220, 225, 225. We did the test 3 times to verify.

    I may be forced to sell the car come November. If I do, I am going to try to sell it with the turbo kit on the car. I will keep you posted if I do.

    All in all, this has been a great vehicle. I am very happy with it.

    Hey just wondering how my NSX is doing? =) I'm thinking of selling my Vette to pick up another one.
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