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  • dang, matt... i dunno. being a queen (fan), i'm happy to dub thee moderator poo-bah :)

    so far, i've found that moderating is an interesting experience.
    hey now...how come i didn't get no fancy moderator title with my job duties ;)?

    good luck moderating OT
    osiris... let's hope there will an increased interest in fun and thoughtful / beneficial dialogue / posts, eh?
    I was reading the "Prime Care" thread which was spawned off of my "Well folks i'm off to Afghanistan" thread.

    I'm finally in the Middle East (again) and here is my addy:

    PO1 James Ryan
    CTG 57.1 Navy
    APO, AE 09309
    Wish you all the best w/ your lil' buddy after the vet' visit! I saw the web-site, so adorable... =)
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