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  • I have a 1993 with 1999 wheels. It is Red with black interior. It has new tires and is in really good shape. Mileage is 1993. Selling price is $28K.

    If you are interested email at [email protected] or 864.313.6050.


    Funny you are asking for this type of vehicle. I have a 1991 with 42,000 miles all stock besides wheels. I just had to update from the originals. The car is in like new condition and has been a garage queen for the last 3 years after home construction and birth of 1st child.

    My NSX is red with ivory leather (sort of a bone color I believe less than 20 ever in this combo.

    I have had the vehicle thoroughly checked out, and the only item that had issues was the climate control unit that I recently replaced. All nsx's will have this issue in time i replaced it a week ago to get ready to sell).

    i can guarantee this to be top 5 nicest early NSX's in the U.S. Guarantee! I have owned it for 7 years!

    Call me, David Lewis (206) 579-3810
    Seattle, Washington

    I plan on selling consignment in a short while so please call! thanks!
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