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  • hi tony,
    in nc you don't have to signal unless someone is affected by your movement.it's hard to defend yourself in these cases,not knowing the system,i would get a lawyer in that town to help you.
    best of luck, robbie

    Hello! I received a ticket in Newberry County, SC in my Red 93 Acura NSX about a month and a half ago for not using my turn signal when I passed a car that was in the right lane on the Interstate...it was on I26W when I was just 15 minutes north of Columbia on my way home to Greenville, SC. The HP said that I passed a mazada tribute going 70 in a 70 but I did not use my signal to pass him. So, he gave me a tickets for "failure to signal" which is 4 points and carries a $237 FINE. I have asked for a Jury trial...do you have any suggestions for me when I do go to trial ?

    Thanks in advance,

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