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  • Rp,

    Based on reading some of your post you may be the man to answer my tire question. I am the original owner of a 91 with a bone stock suspension, that I recently had Cody at Loveland put in a 3.2 w/1000 miles on it and his stage two turbo set up. With less than 10 lbs of boost I am now producing 478hp RWHP.

    I need to find a way to get it to the ground!

    I have been driving on 1999 OEM chrome rims and tires size fronts 215/45 -16" and rears 245/40-17" with factory offsets 55mm fronts and 60mm rears.

    I would like to keep the look and are willing to pay to modify the rims. I also would like to have room for BBK.

    So my questions

    I would like to work bacwards and get the most rubber on the rears I can and try to match a front that would still bring reasonable handling.

    By the way my TCS system is disconnected.

    My plan is to put either 275/40/17 or 285/40/17 on the rear and take my 17X8.5 rims and add 1" to meet mfg. recommended rim width. I have measured and researched NSXPrime and it appears the OEM rim with the 60mm offset and 1.00" added to width will work fine.

    Now to the fronts I would like to take a pair of OEM 17x8.5" rims and cut them down to 17X7.5" and mount either 225/45's 9w/the 285's) or 215/45's (w/the 275's) utilizing the 60mm offset. Will it work??

    Laying on my back and calculating tire height, width, and changed offset looks ok?

    Incidentally I arrived at those sizes by trying to maintain the same ratio (front to rears) as the OEM did in 1999.

    I thank you VERY much if you can shed light on my problem.

    Charles Brickey
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