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  • Hi Regan.
    I saw your post that you bought a clarity. Me too, back in March. I love it, and we were considering the prius prime back then, but it was a 4 seater and trunk was way too small.

    I wanted to ask if you bought the extended warranty and for how much, since I plan on keeping this car and hand it down to my daughter in about 5 years when it's paid off.
    This is my first car that I bought the extended warranty because off all sensors and what not.
    I can always cancel it later.

    Hey RYU,

    You seem to be very thorough and have a wealth for knowledge based off your personal experiences, i was wondering what air filter you use in your stock air box? I need to replace mine and I was looking st your molested thread but didn’t see mention of your filter setup. Appreciate you’re opinion and time.
    About prodrives: I am interested and in so cal. I am offering $1400 cash and pick up .
    Hey you have the osg clutch right? Is it the twin disk and if so is there more than one choice
    I'm thinking of getting the osg clutch. I have driven cars with stock, spec, rps twin, but never osg. I am running 500 hp turbo with loads of tq and I want something where I will never need another clutch. Street car only and I don't care if it's chattery or shudders. From what I understand it has the holding power like the rps twin but is a smoother engagement with limited shudder?
    Hey do you still have your xxr 527? How did they fit? What is your exact size? I saw your pics and livr the way they fit. But is your suspension stock and ride hight stock? Do you have anything making the suspension stiffer? Im trying to put these in my 91 nsx but i dont know if it will work with my stock suspension.


    I am following things on facebook about FXMD and your post. I ask that question on prime to keep the post up hight on the list and for others to know about the up coming video.
    hey ryu i had saw u last few times. I work off of brightwood also lol. Nice car btw. I was the one in the black nsx with the type-r setup with black rims :D nice to see another nsx person around the area hehe
    so weird that I just saw this... Sure, i'm mostly free on the wknds but I need a heads up since i'll need to drive that car on that particular day to the office (which is where i'll meet you).
    hi i saw ur post about ur seat dye i was wondering if i can stop by and check it out once of these days i want to redye my dash cuz i see a little fade in color thanks! let me know
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