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  • Wow, Darrin...I just realized you replied to me back on 1/16/09 and I didn't notice it till now! Ha! Nice, I'm glad you like the wheels. The car looks good, but then again I'm bias LOL. From what you tell me, I bet that paint color you've gone with looks awesome! I saw the pictures you have here in your album while it was in the shop. pm me with a link to the pictures when/if it's done when you have a chance. Lookin' good so far!

    p.s. - Yeah, I'm in Florida. Don't make it up to N.C. much, but if I ever do I let you know!

    Thanks for the comment(s). If you remember way back when (about a year ago) I contacted you about your wheels. Well I got them, 18/19 combo. It took about three months, but once I got them on ... it was worth the wait. I also got the Vinnie side skirts and WW front lip. The car is lowered about 2.5" from the ground to the bottom of the skirts! I loved the look of your car ... but I saw before the skirts.

    Also ... my car is no longer Black. I did a color change. It's now a Black Cherry Candy. Hard to explain but here is the description. At night is looks black, on an over cast day it is a Dark Cherry and when the sun comes out ... it looks more Candy Red. There is a also a "crushed glass" flake between t5he black base and Candy Smoke which reflects Candy Apple Red and a small hint of gold only in the sun. Makes the wheels pop right out.

    As soon as I have pictures ... I will post them. I have pictures of the car coming out of paint, but it is not resembled yet. I will post some in my album in case you want to see them. BTW ... the pics were taken with mu iPhone so the quality in ok.

    Keep in touch and your car rocks as well. Hopefully we can meet up one of the these days. From what I remember, you are in Florida.
    Hey your car looks great. You have pretty much the same body kit and wheel set up as me except black. No wonder I like it! You have good taste!
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