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  • Ive read a few of your post and the visitor message page and saw that you are the guru for JL audio subwoofer boxes :)

    Do you have the instructions to build such a enclosure or do you still custom build them.

    Also, what sizes do the enclosure currently run. I have an 97 Integra and currently run a 10w7 but I know for sure that I would have to decrease the size a bit.

    Let me know what you think is the best route.

    Thanks for your help.

    [email protected]
    I have or can get you either one. The V2 or the V3. I do not have the speakers. It would only be the enclosure completely empty. I can direct you for what you will need to fill it and assemble. Let me know what you need. Send me your email.


    I just wanted to see if you still have any of the sub woofer boxes left for the NSX (will take with sub woofer). And if you don't....can you recommend something comparable? Thanks!!! Tony
    I have written and notified you that the speakers you sold me do not work.
    You have not responded to my email.
    Have the decency man to answer me.
    What do you mean speakers? Give more info. Are you referring to the sub or door speakers. It sounds like a bad install! I would not use a dealer to do an aftermarket stereo upgrade. If it is speakers for the door that are bad, if that is the case, look up and call Gold Star Adio in Irvine California, net search, and speak to Jay. But, firat have a stereo guy look at the install.

    The speakers you sold me were installed in my NSX by Greenwich Acura in Greenwich CT.
    They do not work. There is only minimal sound with the volume at maximum.
    What is my recourse?
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