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18/19 wheels

  1. 03 raw nsx

    Wheels 18/19 Work Termist TS-1 Forged wheels

    Here is a pic of one wheel. All wheels have a fresh powder coat in Dark Grey Satin finish. Very strong and light. If you are serious and like the wheel I can send more pics. Other pics are for reference. Asking $1500.00 or Best Offer for set of 5 wheels. Shipping not included. Original cost...
  2. NSX1145

    Wheels Authentic NSX-SPEC SSR GT03 Wheels 18x8 19x10 3-Piece

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  3. MadtownNSX

    Lowering and Alignment

    On Thursday I'm having my coilovers installed. I also have a new set of aftermarket wheels in 18/19 215/35/18 & 265/30/19 to install but am worried about the shop damaging the rims while doing the alignment, since they told me it mounts to the outer lip of the wheel. Would it be ok to have the...
  4. R

    Roja Formula 7 Wheels 18/19 $900

    Roja Formula 7 Wheels 18/19 $800 Shipped I have a set of Ro_ja Formula 7 wheels (2 PIECE) 18/19 setup in Black. (Includes 1 good rear tire 275/35/19) One of the rear wheels has a leak in between the spoke and lip area. I have already tooken it to the shop here in Oklahoma and they are unable...
  5. MadtownNSX

    Wheels WTB - Wheels 18/19

    Looking to purchase a used set of wheels in 18/19 with or without tires. No chrome, no bends, no stories. Let me know what you have...
  6. J

    HP performance rims and NA1 hood

    I bought these wheels from a prime member a couple months back bought tires for them and changed my mind, I have never put the wheels on my car and everything is brand new $1400 including the tires. specs are as follows the rims are 18x8 up front and 19x 9.5 in back the tires are 235/35 in front...