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Lowering and Alignment

23 April 2008
Madison, WI
On Thursday I'm having my coilovers installed. I also have a new set of aftermarket wheels in 18/19 215/35/18 & 265/30/19 to install but am worried about the shop damaging the rims while doing the alignment, since they told me it mounts to the outer lip of the wheel. Would it be ok to have the coilovers installed and keep the stock 16/17 wheels on and get the alignment done. Then once I get home install the rims myself?

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I personally would have the car aligned in the driving configuration. That is, I would leave the 18/19 wheels installed. While theoretically it should not matter which wheels are on there, in reality it does. I have had this done myself with the 18/19s and as soon as I put the stock wheels (16/17) the steering center shifted..