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  1. Need help from a 1999-2001 3.2L 6 speed owner in the North San Francisco Bay Area

    Hi, I have a 2001 3.2 6 speed so exotically modified we're having trouble registering it in Ca. I need data from a stock 1999-2001 3.2L 6 speed to complete the registration. We can't get this car to do it, electronics too exotic even though it's several times as efficient as a stocker. Ca...
  2. Powertrain WTB 3.2L engine

    Looking for a 3.2L engine block to rebuild the engine from a 2001 NSX. Current engine has a crack and is starting to leak coolant after 230K miles as a daily driver.
  3. randomharmony

    Powertrain WANTED: 3.2L NA2 (c32B) Engine & transmission ('97-'05)

    I am looking for the 3.2L NA2 (c32B) engine and transmission ('97-'05). I am located in the bay area, feel free to contact me @ 408.480.3886 or by email.