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  1. I

    WTB: Big wing

    Looking for a Big wing. BCL, APR, etc.
  2. MITA Motorsports

    Marga Hills NSX | theNSXshop

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone is interested in getting some aero parts from Marga Hills from theNSXshop Let me post some pictures of how Marga Hills looks like: The purple NSX is from my buddy Brando (@thatdamnnsx on instagram) Here are the prices for NSX Prime users: Bonnet: $1522.50...
  3. phryxis

    Spoon Aero Mirrors

    I just became a distributor for Spoon products. These mirrors are in stock at Spoon USA, which is local to me. MSRP: $965 Prime Price: PM me. I'm not supposed to list it, but your price will be cheaper than the group buy that went on a little while ago.
  4. 8kallday

    Exterior APR GTC300 Adjustable CF Spoiler + Fiber Images NA1 CF/CF Hood

    Good Day Ladies and Gents, This sale posting is for: $900 1x NA1 / NA2 APR GTC300 Adjustable CF Spoiler (the entire assembly is roughly the same weight as the much smaller/denser stock NA1 spoiler). This is the 67" inch wide version, recommended for the Stock body NSX. It mounts directly to...
  5. G

    NSX Do-Luck front bumper and side skirts

    I am selling an authentic NIB Do-Luck front bumper and side skirts. The kit retails for: Front bumper: $1,365.00 Side Skirts: $1,092.00 I will sell for $2,000 + Shipping I don't use the forums often, if your interested please email me at: [email protected]