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air bag

  1. 94nsxdude

    Interior 2000 OEM Driver Airbag and Seatbelts

    driver airbag - $175 + shipping driver and passenger seatbelts - $375 + shipping driver airbag: driver seatbelt: passenger seatbelt:
  2. D

    SRS reset, airbags and belts

    My 95 was in a light accident and I'm frustrated the bags went off. Must have hit the sweet spot or something. Now I'm left with fixing my interior. Can the SRS module be reset? I've found places to repair the seat belts, is it worth it? They're obviously locked since the srs system went...
  3. 9

    Passenger Dash Airbag

    in need of a passenger airbag!!!! pm or please call or txt me at 254-761-0844
  4. cwood1388

    Acura Air Bag

    Hello prime! So I have an extra air bag laying around and have grown tired of looking at it. I'm sure someone can use this thing instead of it collecting dust. $200.00 Shipped