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  1. Aero Z

    Gruppy Short Antenna

    Gruppy Short Antenna in good condition. I shaved the antenna hole therefore no longer need. Price is $50 shipped within the US. Item located in San Diego if interested in pick-up. DM or text 2673916764
  2. DDozier

    Exterior SOLD - OEM Aura antenna mast - NEW old stock

    I have a new old stock NSX power antenna replacement mast, I bought this a few years back when there was concern that some parts would be discontinued. As it turn out Acura has discontinued this part but it is still available from Honda for the time being. They list for $71.96 I will sell it...
  3. S

    WTB: Full Antenna Assembly (motor, mast, etc)

    Looking for a full antenna assembly for my 97 NSX. Please send me a PM or call 202-258-1509 Thanks
  4. B

    Antenna Mast Install help needed - West Los Angeles

    My 96 NSX antenna stopped working (Was stuck in the up postion.) From a DYI post by Mark Johnson of Dali Racing I determined it was just the mast and not the motor. I took it to Auto Nation Acura in Torrance and they wanted $450 to fix it ($240 of that was for the part). I declined I got the...
  5. R

    Radio Antenna Question

    I am wondering if anyone else has this issue with their antenna: When I push the “on” button on my stereo system (when the stereo is in CD mode) for some reason the radio antenna is goes up. It this by design that the antenna will always go up, regardless of what mode it is in or it is just a...
  6. sporteknik

    Shark II Antenna

    Shark II Antenna - $30 Shipped
  7. truckadsjoe

    WTB power antenna, broken mast ok

    I need a power antenna that the motor assembly works, I have a new mast, but no body to put it in. Made a mistake buying it and figure I might make one if I can find the body of the antenna with a motor that works, I can put the new mast in it? thanks [email protected]
  8. Russ

    Smartenna $45 shipped

    Smartenna Sold. Thanks again Prime.