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Radio Antenna Question

21 December 2011
Bay Area, CA
I am wondering if anyone else has this issue with their antenna:

When I push the “on” button on my stereo system (when the stereo is in CD mode) for some reason the radio antenna is goes up.
It this by design that the antenna will always go up, regardless of what mode it is in or it is just a faulty connection?


This is part of the original design of the NSX....Chris from SOS has a good explanation below. I installed s a smart-tenna and it all works fine, Antenna up only when radio on. Unfortunately SOS didn't have them in stock when I went to get one but I found one on Prime somewhere.
Re: How smart is the smarttenna???
Here's the part in question:


The part's purpose is to lower the antenna when the CD changer is being used. Not sure why Honda overlooked that feature.

It works by connecting between the CD changer and the stereo system. Once it sees voltage from the CD changer, it triggers the antenna to lower. It is intended to be placed on the left hand side of the trunk where the anenna motor sits to be used with the factory head unit and a factory or Alpine aftermarket CD changer.

No need for it if you have an aftermarket stereo deck. Most aftermarket stereo decks will only power the antenna lead if you are using AM/FM.

take care,
-- Chris​

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Read all about it! http://www.zublin.com/smrtena/900030A.PDF Good luck getting one