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  1. Wild Turkey

    Illuminated Ashtray to storage cubby conversion

    The surgeon general has determined that smoking is hazardous to your health, so I present this ashtray conversion. (Not that you'd let anyone smoke in your NSX anyway.) You can print it in solid black or an illuminated version that lights up when the parking lights or headlights are on. Still...
  2. Interior FS: Radio, CD Changer, Ashtray, Sub, Center Console, Trunk Liner, Speaker Mounts

    I've replaced my factory Bose system with aftermarket components after discovering the previous owner of my NSX had only re-installed the factory head unit to sell the car. The only speaker working at the time I purchased the car was the subwoofer. After a little disassembly I found that the...
  3. pawz1200

    Interior OEM Ashtray

    OEM ashtray in fantastic condition. Just removed this weekend. I did cut plug to use with my car which can be easily replaced with your defective ashtray plug or hardwired to car. $150 OBO Buyer pays shipping and PP fees.
  4. PhAnToM

    Interior WANTED - Center Console Components (newer models - Bright Brown)

    Hey fellow members! I'm looking for center console parts and components. I don't need the center console itself, I just need the parts associated with it, like coin tray, cigarette lighter components, ash tray door (inner/outer portions) etc. Must be in excellent - almost near new condition...
  5. CK_SB

    WTB: ashtray assembly

    Search complete. Thank you Tim! Ashtray face plate can be damaged as I only need the plastic mounting assembly that lies behind the front plate/visible portion. Any help is appreciated.