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big brake

  1. flabuf

    Brakes StopTech Big Brake Kit with E- brake brand new in the box(es) $3,100 + shipping

    Sold For sale is a brand new 4 wheel set with E-brake StopTech kit. Slotted rotors Red Calipers Stupid low price - I bought this at NSXPO and then sold my Gen 1 when I bought a 2017 NC-1 Gen 2 NSX. My loss is your great opportunity. I don't seem to be getting emails from NSXPrime here...
  2. flabuf

    Brakes Stop Tech Big Brake Kit with E Brake - $4,500 shipped

    Brand new StopTech Big Brake Kit with E-Brake for sale. I got this at the NSXPO auction this year not knowing I was going to buy a car with bigger brakes (new 2017 NSX) so they are yours for a song. Retail on this kit is appx. $5,300 + tax and it can be yours for $4,500. PM or call 941-232-8606
  3. Bright Light Tech

    Complete BBK DIY install

    Had a fun weekend project installing and documenting a install for my Stop-Techs. I got the complete front and rear kit with parking brake and spent about 8-12 hours installing it over a period of a week. I've seen a few DIYs on this topic already but decided to take my own personal take at...