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body work

  1. Body Shop recommendation in Maryland?

    I want to install side skirts, add rear spats and remove the valance on my 1992. Thinking of installing a real diffuser but concerned that my exhaust and turbo won't clear the diffuser. Any ideas on someone near Baltimore, Maryland that can provide some guidance? Thanks
  2. mch1fan

    Crack in Door Jamb at 1/4 panel

    Hello NSX Prime First post though been monitoring this for a while. Looked at a 91 NSX yesterday in my area with AT. Car seems tight, aftermarket wheels, radio, steering wheel, AC control relocared to glovebox. Still deciding whether I want an AT or manual transmission. Tach works...
  3. Any NSX knowledgeable Body Shops near Downtown LA?

    Does anyone know any NSX knowledgeable Body Shops near Downtown LA? Reasonable price and excellent work on NSXs? Someone who knows and have worked on NSXs before? I ran over those parking stoneheads, which sorta detached my front spoiler and my passenger side front bumper seems to be loose...