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  1. nsxnemo

    RHD 02-05 Center Console and Door Trim

    Brand new RIGHT HAND DRIVE center console and door trim. Color from 02-05 years with a bright silver finish. $800 shipped.
  2. J

    FS IL: 02-05 Center Vent Assembly

  3. chussey

    New Science of Speed Composite Center Console

    SOLD I have a brand new never installed, cut or used Science of Speed Composite Center Console. Perfect condition. https://www.scienceofspeed.com/index.php/scienceofspeed-composite-center-console.html Price on their website is $250 plus $20 shipping. $230 shipped.
  4. chussey

    WANTED: Single Din Center Console

    Looking for a single din console that makes use of the OEM ash tray, cig lighter, aspirator fan, coin holder, etc. I have a SOS brand new console uncut if anyone is interested in a trade.
  5. chussey

    WTB: SIngle DIN center console

    Looking for a single din console that does not require cutting and mounting of the aspirator fan, coin holder, etc. I have a SOS brand new console uncut if anyone is interested in a trade.
  6. VTAK

    Wtb: Center dash air vent duct (picture included)

    Looking for the air duct behind the center air vent. Let me know how much if you got one. Thanks
  7. Accel Junky

    Interior OEM NSX Center Dash Air Duct Vent 77610-SL0-A02ZA

    SOLD I replaced my center vent for cosmetic reasons only due to paint bubbling/wrinkling (very expensive $350+). I have the original part for sale. It would make a good basis for a custom refinishing project. Part is 77610-SL0-A02ZA Came off of my 98 NSX w/ 75k miles. Price is $75 shipped...
  8. chussey

    Custom Single DIN center console, needs some work

    For sale is a center console modified for use with a single DIN radio. It also has a storage compartment below the radio cutout. The console is beginning to crack on each side beneath this storage area, but has not broken yet. Expect to have to do some further customizing/repair before use...
  9. chussey

    WANTED! Center Console Broken OK

    Looking for a center console. Used or broken parts are ok. I'm located in Las Vegas Nevada... let me know what you have!
  10. S

    Interior Centre console vents

    Looking for a center console ac vent at a reasonable price, this is the piece at the top of the centre stack that the clock slots into. I do not need/want the radio, only the vent piece. Preferrably with no marks/scratches/peeling. Let me know. PM here works.
  11. luigib

    Peeling the Center Console

    So, the plating on my '91 center console has started the infamous peel and I decided to start peeling it with my fingers and a razor blade. I am about half way through now but I did all of the easy places. I looked online a bit and found that caustic soda is said to take the plating off of the...
  12. luigib

    WTB: OEM Center Console

    I need an OEM center console that is painted in the darker of the two greys. The console can not be peeling and i am looking for a 9.5/10 condition or better. Thanks, Luigi
  13. KrayziE RussiaN

    Interior WTB: Single or double din center console

    Just as the title says... Looking for either a single or double din center console. I have a single din currently but it's broken and needs replacement. I'd be open to a double din, it'll give me an excuse to put in a double din screen :biggrin: Thanks!
  14. J

    Need Center Taillight for '91

    (nevermind the following...I don't know how to delete this thread) Mine fell out while racing a GSXR-750 up the Black Canyon (I-17) hill. It was worth it...I beat him to Sunset Point by at least 20 seconds. Please private message or call (928-266-2576) me if you have one for sale. John
  15. NSX-Appeal

    Taitec test pipes & oem airbox (auction!)

    Taitec test pipes & oem airbox I'm selling these two items from my '91 collection: Test pipes for Taitec JGTC Center exit exhaust: $165 ** SOLD ** OEM Airbox w/ new paper filter: $70 ** SOLD ** Shipping will be actual cost by Fedex ground... probably $10~$15 for the airbox and $15~25 for...
  16. J

    Taillight Center piece for a 91

    I need the center section of the tail light.