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  1. R

    Literally any NSX under 35k

    I'd hope you guys could help me in a search for a NSX that preferably has a clean history, but whatever will do. I just like something that isn't too beaten up. Also I'd prefer under 200k miles. Although it's a long shot, I hope y'all could help me out. I am near Houston, just in case some...
  2. A

    New owner. Think I got an amazing deal.

    Hi everyone, I'll start off by saying I'm 33 and that I've wanted an nsx since I was 9 and finally bought one 2 days ago. Over the last decade I've test drove 5 and looked at 6 total for sale. I finally got sick of the increasing price of these so I decided it needs to be now or possibly...
  3. A

    Is this $4000 1995 NSX-T a scam?

    I am a 15 year old looking for a first car, and I am a big fan of the Acura NSX. However, many NSX's are overpriced and there are some that go upwards of $100,000. I have found a 1995 Acura NSX-T on CarSoup with 141,600 miles for just $4000, and I am interested in buying it. I am however kind of...
  4. JS2k

    NSX Keyhole Covers (color matched) - Get the SHAVED look, only $10.99

    I've been made aware that all NSXs (even non-Black ones) have the keyhole surround painted black. So the best look for any color NSX would be 2 Black Keyhole Covers and 1 Red. About JS2k.com Since I'm a new vendor on NSX Prime, I think an introduction is in order. My name is Joey and I have...
  5. KrayziE RussiaN

    1991, Red/Black&Red, 5 spd, VIN: JH4NA1155MT001392 $22,500obo

    I'm selling my baby in order to purchase a home. This has always been my dream car and I really do not want to sell it (and really don't have to)! Put this car on the market to see if I can sell it and get a decent amount. I've had the car for a little over a year now and I love it, you really...