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climate control

  1. N

    Illumination Assembly for CCU - USED - Asking $400

    Hello All, This is available again. Previous buyer changed his mind. I have a custom RED illumination CCU display unit in great working condition. This is just the illumination assembly (the front part with the screen and knobs and buttons). The ccu circuit board is not included. This was...
  2. M

    Abnormal climate control issue (expert help needed)

    91' 5 speed. So my climate control display wasn't working so I sent it off to BryanK. Got it back and installed the board. Panel was now working but my fan was not spinning/ no air being delivered. I tried all different speeds and nothing on any mode. I then removed the blower motor, took it...
  3. M

    WTB: driver side interior door handle, 97+ front lip, climate control

    As listing states looking for: - Driver side interior door handle - 97+ front lip - climate control or repair kit to fix paint of knobs coming off - climate control does not have to be in working condition thanks
  4. KrayziE RussiaN

    Interior A/C Climate Control Unit (used) great working condition (previously fixed)

    Sold car, selling extra parts: This until works great! The only issue is the plastic "ears" on either side of the front section broke off and the two pieces can no longer be joined (unless you glue them I guess). This unit was repaired by BrianK about 5-6 years ago. I had it saved as a spare...
  5. S

    TCS/ABS/Climate non-functional.. I humbly request help in this embarrassing situation

    Unfortunately this post is coming even before my introduction... Frankly because I don't even have the NSX yet. Backstory: I have made a commitment to a local independent seller to buy his NSX. After securing funding I allowed myself the opportunity to take it for a test drive. For piece of...
  6. C

    Climate control unit still dead after replacing capacitors

    Spent some time trying to fix a dead a/c unit recently. I purchased all the caps and desoldered, resoldered the new ones with the correct polarity. Dropped it in the dash and reconnected and nothing. I then continuity checked all the fuses in the 3 fuse boxes and they're all fine. I then...
  7. M

    Anyone know where i can get my climate control repaired?

    Anyone know where i can send my climate control to get it repaired? it only goes off on full blast, and i don't believe the a/c is working either i saw a bunch of ads up on ebay, trust worthy?