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  1. J

    Interior ***SOLD*** IL: Procar NSX-R Gauge Cluster Dial Set

    Hello, I have a set of Procar NA2 NSX-R style gauge cluster dial overlays. It includes the complete set along with 2x sets of yellow needle decals. This is brand new and has never been installed. It will work with all 91-05 models and includes everything needed to install. $525 shipped...
  2. M

    For Sale: Acura Tachometer/Odometer (Honda Part#: 78130-SL0-A01) - Brand New in Box!

    For Sale: Acura Tachometer/Odometer (Honda Part#: 78130-SL0-A01) for a Manual Transmission - Brand New in Box! Very rare - when I purchased this via special order through Mita Motorsports, I was told only 4 exist, so I grabbed one quickly. Reason for sale - not needed. When I bought my car, my...
  3. L

    Interior WTB - 280km/hr speedo setup

    Hi All, Looking for a 280km/hr speedo with circuit or a complete Canadian cluster. I have a 91 nsx from the usa and would prefer km/hr over mph. Let me know what you have and how much? Cheers, Blake
  4. M

    Cluster dimming/ flickering on/off on bumps

    Hello, looking for some advice on an issue with my 91' coupe cluster. It seems when I hit bumps in the road (not severe) the cluster flicks off and on quickly and dims like a loose connection. After some research I found that the cluster connection on the backside of the cluster could be loose...
  5. D

    Interior NSX2S2K - S2000 Cluster Conversion Kit (Complete 91-94 kit with AP2 cluster)

    *** SOLD *** I'm selling a complete S2000 Cluster Conversion Kit. I was one of the first 3 customers. This kit has been upgraded to the newest version. Comes with the following: Plug and Play conversion kit by Johan@SjoebergDP...
  6. V

    Interior WTB: 97-01 Gauge Cluster for NSX-T 6-spd

    Looking for a gauge cluster for 97-01 NSX-T 6-speed. Cluster needs to be in good condition and everything (lights and gauges) needs to be in working condition. Mileage does not matter. Please give me your price shipped to CA 95054. Thank you.
  7. K

    WTB: NSX dashboard engine temperature gauge 1991-1997

    FOUND new in box! Thanks prime! During dealer service a factory certified NSX technician broke my 1992 NSX’s original engine temperature gauge, and the dealer has not been able to repair or locate a replacement. They installed a new 1998+ engine temperature gauge and it sweeps to all the way...
  8. K

    Interior WTB: Fully working MT Instrument Cluster (Speedometer)

    Not picky on mileage For a 1995 3.0L, 5 Speed.
  9. Aero Z

    NSX Speedometer

    Looking to buy a speedometer in working condition for a manual NSX, any year works and it's needed to put on my 2nd NSX that i just bought from copart. Please text me at 2673916764 or email me at [email protected] and thanks
  10. N

    Gauge Cluster or Speedometer

    Looking for a gauge cluster or just speedometer, milage not important. Thanks!
  11. Stevon

    WTB Gauge oil pres and H2O temp needle

    NSX sports fans, Need gauge cluster part. While installing silver face kit snapped needle in half. Ouch, I hate when that happens! anyways I need either a small gauge needle or the Oil pressure/Water temp gauge sub assembly. Ironically I had a damaged spare small gauge set and threw them away...
  12. S

    My NSX NA1 91 cluster is not working well.

    My RPM meter is not reading correctly! Some times it fails to show any reading (0rpm), while sometimes it started at 2500rpm when engine started then goes back to normal after 5 mins. Any ideal guys?
  13. redtide

    WTB: Gauge/Cluster for 1991 NSX

    Looking for a gauge/cluster for my 1991 NSX. Must be in good condition. I don't know if the later year models will work but if it is homologated then ok. Please PM me with price (include shipping to Newport Beach 92660) Thanks