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  1. Detailer/painters in Bay Area

    I have a red 91, but the roof is red. It doesn't look factory nor do I think they even made red roofs in 91. Anyways, where do you recommend to get the top painted black? And is it true they need to break the windshield?? Thanks, Nick
  2. Airwolf NSX

    STRESSful day: Car is scratched and friend throws up in my new car. Need detailer

    Today is the day i will remember as the day i've received so much stress due to my car issue.. #1 I'm backing out of my driveway and i hit my trash can. Usually, our driveway is free and clear but the trash removal service ended up leaving the trash bin on my driveway. Our driveway is at a...
  3. tfx121

    Detailer on Long Island?

    I recently bought a black/black and I think this paint will need a lot of TLC over the years. Can anybody recommend a good (great) detailer on Long Island??