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STRESSful day: Car is scratched and friend throws up in my new car. Need detailer

16 April 2008
Irvine, CA
Today is the day i will remember as the day i've received so much stress due to my car issue..

#1 I'm backing out of my driveway and i hit my trash can. Usually, our driveway is free and clear but the trash removal service ended up leaving the trash bin on my driveway. Our driveway is at a higher slope and i can't see the lower part of my driveway when backing out..

I have a huge long scratch from my door to my passenger side door on my brand new truck..

#2 I get hit with a huge rock on the fwy and chips my window.. Trucks = magnets for rocks, regardless if i am going 60mph and playing it "safe"

#3 My friend wants me to take her home. I take her home and she throws up all over my back seat.. WONDERFUL! I spent 2 hours cleaning up that pungent vomit smell and i'm hoping it won't stain.. I used ammonia + water, stain removal, and blotting it with a hot towel per the directions online.

I realize sometimes, having a new car is an is an invitation for stress.. SLFJK@#*(KDJ@(^*&** :mad: Sorry had to vent.

Getting back, can someone recommend me a decent detailer that won't charge a huge arm and a leg?
Sorry to hear the bad luck Danny.....vomit is definitely no fun.

Try the Car Spa in Newport Beach its got a lot of good reviews.

1200 W Coast Hwy
Newport Beach, CA 92663

(949) 631-0161

Heres another one

Pure Prestige Auto
based on 1 review Category: Auto Detailing [Edit]

Newport Beach, CA 92663

Then theres this one I found in Lake Forest


Professional Detailers
(949) 460-0314
22622 Lambert St, #305, Lake Forest, CA 92630 Get directions
Cross Streets: Near the intersection of Lambert St and Aspan St
(888) 338-4772
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This kid just worked on my car and I'm very pleased with the results. He also took out a scratch that I had been told was impossible to repair. Tell him Mike with the NSX referred you.........
714 880-2760
i think you need to introduce a lot of solution to neutralize and remove the vomit. and the wet dry vac it out. I would use soap and water or the "Simple Solution" that you can get at a pet supply store. If you have pet there is worse things you would have to clean out of your car. ...
Sorry to read about this. This is the big reason why I buy cars that are a couple of years old so I don't stress over every scratch or dent.

I have had a similar situation happen with someone getting sick in the car. I used de-odorizer and a wet/dry vac.

Hopefully the scratch can be repaired without too much trouble.
Just found out a very high end detailer for any of you guys or gals interested. Pm me if you want the info, my friend who just bought the scuderia will be taking his car there for detail. Its not cheap, but if you want the best I got it for you.