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front end

  1. A

    Steinway restorer

    Good morning....First timer on Prime...91 NSX. knocking in front end, can not get accurate wheel alignment, was told might need new 'rack-n-pinion', any suggestions? parts? any reliable mech. in NYC/Long Island area?
  2. chussey

    Ton of front end parts wanted!

    Looking for the following front end parts to fit a 91: hood hingeshood latch ac condensers / fans /ducts condenser wheel well liner (splash shield) ac lines radiator radiator fan spare wheel fuse/relay panels radiator hard lines climate control fan blower assembly steering rack tie rod ends...
  3. Nero Tenebre

    Exterior 02+ Headlights or Aftermarket Equivalent

    Thinking of doing an 02 front end conversion, and looking at both OEM and aftermarket headlight options. Really just looking for the headlight housings and associated hardware but don't really need the HID system necessarily if that brings the price down, and I would consider new or used parts...
  4. D

    Cold weather front rattle

    As the temperature gets colder and colder, I'm starting to hear the car rattle more and more. I'm getting a rattle in the front (I think its coming from either the dash or maybe the cowl area) when I drive over tiny tiny bumps, like a minor bounce of the car. However, when the temperature is...