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Cold weather front rattle

21 May 2008
As the temperature gets colder and colder, I'm starting to hear the car rattle more and more. I'm getting a rattle in the front (I think its coming from either the dash or maybe the cowl area) when I drive over tiny tiny bumps, like a minor bounce of the car. However, when the temperature is hot, I dont heard anything.

The sound of the rattle is like there is something loose and as i drive over imperfections in the road, the minor jerks causes it to move about. I just cant pinpoint where the sound is coming from. Anyone else experience this?
I notice that as well on my car. I just assume that the components shrinks and the gaps open up ever so slightly. I usually silence it by spraying silicon on between the dash to eliminate the squeaks caused by rubbing as the vehicle's chassis twist slightly from bumps.

The best way to eliminate this for good is to just get the front tie down bars to prevent the front end from twisting.