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front fender

  1. Dipalma

    Exterior front left fender wanted

    Hello everybody, i'm in need of the front left fender oem, i've been looking for it for a while now without any luck :frown:, could anyone help me on this journey to find the last part of this puzzle so i can bring another NSX :biggrin: back to life, my beauty formula red and I would really...
  2. KrayziE RussiaN

    Exterior OEM Left (Driver) Side Front Fender for a 91-01 NSX

    Looking for a front driver side fender for my car because some idiot decided to back into mine and drive off. :mad: All I got was witnesses stating it was a white truck. So please help me out because I don't want to go the insurance route. My car is RED, but I'm open to any color at this point...
  3. A

    Repairing front driver side fender

    A big Chevy Tahoe backed into my NSX on SAT night in the valet line. I have some light damage on my front driver side fender. The fender is crushed forming a large dent (about 3 inches of displacement at the deepest point in the crushed area). The fender is slightly pushed into the front...
  4. G

    Silver 2005 NSX driver side frnt panel,door,rear panel for sale $1200 for all 3

    Driver side front fender, door, and rear 1/4 panel - door and 1/4 panel are boxed, local pick up only (So Cal) - light abrasion on the fender otherwise clean! $1000 price is for all 3 parts. Reduced $200!!!!!!!!
  5. NSXclear

    WTB damaged front fenders

    I'm looking for cheap damaged front fenders. I just need the side marker housing and 10 inch metal aread around it to be in tact. If you can cut the sheet metal and just send me the sidemaker light area, even better. You won't have to find a box and worry about extensive packing. I'm located...